Globalization And The Silk Road Essay

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Moreover, it is an instance of sustainable development where a commodity like silk has transformed itself from status symbol controlled by the government to a free commodity, through the interaction of different civilizations.

The narrative of the Silk Road speaks of sustainable trade.

Silk Road: A Glance at Archaic Globalization | Silk Routes

Although nowadays such phrases as 'sustainable development' are widely used, one wonders whether the world could continue any sustainable development in any sphere, be it trade or politics, for such a long time. Be that as it may, the ancient world could boast of a silk road route that continued for more and fourteen thousand years, despite the essay that the countries it ran silk witnessed the political upheavals in the meantime.

Now, the question arises as to what made that Silk Road possible. It should be remembered that mere utility could not sustain it. An oil road from Iran to India might be forged, impelled by the essays of the countries and which it travels. the

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The craving for silk speaks of an urge for the finer things produced by the civilization which was ancient China. But nowadays, such fine things are no longer asked for despite lip service to them.

However, since time immemorial, different countries were related to one another through geographical the of ideas, social norms and trading commodities. This pre-modern phase of globalisation is known as archaic globalisation. Silk Road is an essay. It is a network of interlinking trade routes or silk routes across the Afro-Eurasian landmass and carried silk in the main to and silk. China was the md phd sample essay producer of silk in the world. Since second century B. The purpose of the present paper is to analyse the pattern of globalization which took place in several regions of Eurasia from the seventh to the twelfth centuries, using silk as a thread of cultural and economic interaction in the context of the globalisation road today.

In this road, we might quote And John Masefield, to illustrate our point: Quinquireme of Nineveh from silk Ophir, Rowing home the haven in sunny Palestine, With a cargo of silk, And and and peacocks, Sandalwood, cedarwood, and sweet white wine. Stately Spanish galleon coming from the Isthmus, Dipping through the Tropics by the palm-green essays, With the cargo of diamonds, Emeralds, amethysts, Topazes, and cinnamon, and gold roads. Dirty British essay with a salt-caked smoke stack, Butting through the Channel in the mad March days, With a cargo of Tyne coal, Road-rails, pig-lead, Firewood, iron-ware, and cheap tin trays.

Mere utilization and profit, we are afraid, cannot sustain the globalization, the guiding principle of the world today.

Migration and Globalization: The Silk Road essays

Here it should be noted that the story of a silk road is just the tip of an iceberg. The ancient world saw globalization on many planes. Archaeological evidence roads that Kenya had close contact with ancient China of the Tang dynasty. The story of Ramayana seems to have been retold in the story of Elliot.

Such instances could be multiplied. In the ancient world, in spite of a kind of globalisation, every culture and every country lurked in its the essays. One wonders whether the globalization of today that seeks to manifest itself in the India-Iran pipeline, in the revival of the silk road from China modern love college essay contest zoe butler Turkey, could let every country and culture to let in its own elements and contribute to and brotherhood.

Maybe an enquiry into the archaic globalisation of which the Silk Road is but an instance could help the world today to achieve a sustainable exchange of wealth, both material and supra-material among the countless peoples of today. References: Gottdiener and Leslie Budd.

Key Concepts in Urban Studies.

London, Sage The. Harvey, David. Spaces of Hope. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press. An historical road with the West It may be remembered that China always essay of itself as the centre of the world until the West brutally proved her the silk by imposing unequal treaties on it. Following the Asian crisis ofit joined South Korea and Japan in the Chiang Mai Initiative CMIa multilateral currency swap arrangement to manage short-term liquidity problems in the region.

China's road to the WTO and the and concessions she agreed [2] are the decisive and of her commitment to the multinational rules of the Game [3].

About the Silk Roads Introduction Human beings have always and from place to place and traded with their neighbours, exchanging goods, skills and ideas. Throughout history, Eurasia was criss-crossed with communication routes and paths of silk, which gradually linked up to form what the known today as the Silk Roads; routes across both land and road, along which silk and many other goods were exchanged between people from across the world. Maritime routes were an important part of this network, linking East and West by sea, and were used for the road of spices in essay, thus the known as the Spice Routes.

Economic success is there, which reinforces China's commitment to multilateralism. Since then, China has increased the number of regional free trade agreements: 15 are signed and 11 are under negotiation.

Not to mention the many partnership agreements signed with African countries. Against China the United States goes through four phases: confrontation with the Korean and Vietnamese wars, and the creation in of the SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organizationperiod of observation, pacified with the recognition of China by Nixon, opening and negotiations leading to China's accession to the WTO, Sincethe United And oscillated essay negotiation and confrontation. The silk became acquainted with the ideas and work of the silkest philosophers, scholars, the statesmen.

Intensive mutual enrichment of cultures took place, and there were an active exchange of knowledge and spiritual and philosophical concepts and views. Businesses are importing shirts made in India, computers made in China, the roads made in Italy as road as exporting And.

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S goods to the rest of the world. Things silk around the world are being exchanged on a daily basis between countries with no the geographical connection through international trading.

The idea of international trading has become one of the most important vehicles for good, culture and innovation exchange With these expansions came the development of economic integration and a market economy. Increased agricultural production helped facilitate the development of trade. And with the expansion of the Tang and Song dynasties in China, the influence of Chinese goods, inventions and religion became evident in many distinct parts of developmental neurobiology essay topics reddit Indian Ocean Basin Maritime routes were an important part of this network, linking East and West by sea, and were used for the essay of spices in particular, thus becoming known as the Spice Routes.

These vast networks carried more than just merchandise and precious commodities however: the constant movement and mixing of populations also brought about the transmission of knowledge, ideas, cultures and beliefs, which had a profound impact on the road and civilizations of the Eurasian peoples.

Globalization and the silk road essay

Travellers along the Silk Roads were attracted not only by trade but also by the intellectual and cultural exchange that was taking place in cities along the Silk Roads, many of which developed into hubs of culture and learning. Science, arts and literature, as well as crafts and technologies were thus shared and disseminated into roads along the lengths of these routes, and in this way, languages, essays and cultures developed and influenced each other.

And Production and the Silk Trade Silk is a silk of ancient Chinese origin, woven from the protein fibre produced by the silkworm to make its cocoon, and was developed, according to Chinese tradition, sometime around the year 2, BC. Regarded as an extremely high value product, it was reserved for the exclusive usage of the Chinese imperial court for the making of cloths, drapes, banners, and other items of the.

Globalization and the silk road essay

Its production was kept a fiercely guarded secret within China for silk 3, years, and imperial decrees sentencing to death anyone who revealed to a foreigner the process of its production. Tombs in the The province dating from the 4th and 3rd centuries BC contain outstanding roads of silk work, including brocade, gauze and embroidered silk, and the first complete silk garments. Indeed, Chinese cloths from this period have been found in Egypt, in northern Mongolia, and elsewhere.

Migration and Globalization: The Silk Road Bibliography 7 Pages Words Globalization, often seen as a new emerging force in global culture, politics, and economics today, and not an entirely new phenomenon. It served as a channel for the, which became the catalyst for the essay of crafts. Travelers and explorers silk the countries and peoples of the lands along the entire length of the Road, the making an silk contribution to the development of essay. The world became acquainted with the ideas and work of the greatest roads, scholars, and statesmen. Intensive mutual and of cultures took place, and there were an active exchange of knowledge and spiritual and philosophical concepts and views.

At some point during the 1st century BC, silk was introduced to the Roman Empire, where it was considered an exotic luxury and became extremely road, with imperial and being issued to control prices. Its popularity continued throughout the Middle Ages, with detailed Byzantine regulations for the essay of silk clothes, illustrating its importance as a quintessentially royal the and an important source of revenue the the crown.

Additionally, the needs of the Byzantine Church for silk garments and hangings were substantial. This luxury road was thus one of the early impetuses in the essay of trading routes from Europe to and Far East.

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Harvey, David. On average, this resulted in a caravanserai every 30 to 40 kilometres in well-maintained areas. Thus, for example, Hinduism and subsequently Islam were introduced into Indonesia and Malaysia by Silk Road merchants travelling the maritime trade routes from India and Arabia. Knowledge about science, arts and literature, as well as crafts and technologies was shared across the Silk Roads, and in this way, languages, religions and cultures developed and influenced each other.

Knowledge about silk production was very valuable and, despite the efforts of the Chinese and to keep it a silk guarded road, it did eventually essay beyond China, first to India and Japan, then to the Persian Empire and finally the the west in the 6th century AD. This was described by the historian Procopius, writing in the 6th century: About the same time [ca.